Turtle Pond Cast Aluminum Sundial

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Turtle Pond Garden Sundial

This beautiful sundial features 2 turtles in a pond with floating lily pads. The sundial by Montague Metals, is 100% cast Aluminum and will never rust. What a beautiful addition to any flower bed or garden walkway this sundial would be. The Turtle Pond Sundial is 11.5" round and the height w/ gnome is 4".

The sundial is the oldest known device for the measurement of time and was widely used throughout the world until the middle of the 1800's. There are two major parts to a sundial. First is the dial face which is divided in to hours and the gnome, or pointer which casts the constantly moving shadow on the sundial's face.  The gnome points towards the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere and towards the South Pole in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Model: LT-1
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